Stable Isotope Lab

Stable isotope methods are becoming powerful tools and a more accepted preference in various analytical requirements. GB Scientific has been developing CSIA (Compound Specific Isotope Analyses) methods in the oil exploration and research fields since 2003. It has been responsible for finding and developing unique isotopic patterns in oil biomarkers that have generated significant data for clients around the world. Its data gets presented and published on a perpetual basis.

GB Scientific Inc.  is currently developing international collaborations in order to expand its IRMS scope and service capabilities.

Current instrumentation includes an Elementar Isoprime 100 purchased and delivered in the summer of 2014. Included was an Isoprime GC5 combustion interface couple to an Agilent 7890 GC and G4513A autosampler.

This portion of the site will be updated as the capabilities are expanded.