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Stable Isotope Analyses

GB Scientific has been doing CSIA analyses in the geochemistry industry since 2003. In collaboration with Biomarker Technology, Inc of Rohnert Park, California, GC Combustion on steranes, hopanes, alkanes, diamondoids, whole oils, etc have generated some remarkable results for our global clients. Data from this laboratory combined with results from other techniques helped one international oil giant source a huge new oil reservoir deep under the ocean. Another recent study helped a client isolate two sources of oil that are very similar. GB Scientific is looking at expanding into agriculture, environmental and food as it develops this analytical tool further. 

Instrument Services

GB Scientific offers a wide range of service options are available from remedial call out to full contractual obligations. Extensive part inventories are also available as well as some limited circuit board diagnostic tools and repairs.

Instrumentation Relocation

GB Scientific can take on the relocation of mass spectrometers. Upon reinstallation, the instrument would be brought up to the same specification determined by the engineer prior to dismantling.

Analytic Services

We are great at what we do

GB Scientific provides a range of research and exploration grade Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) services to the geological and petrochemical industries. The laboratory is equipped with a state of the art Isoprime 100 with an Isoprime GC5 high temperature combustion furnace coupled to an Agilent 7890 GC. It performs renowned and recognized GC-C-IRMS carbon-13 analyses not done anywhere else in the world.

GB Scientific is currently looking into adding methane, nitrogen, hydrogen/deuterium IRMS analyses to its portfolio.

New Services

GB Scientific is expanding. Currently underway with new innovative analytic services. Updates coming soon.