GB Scientfiic provdies a wide range of support packages to users and operators of VG/Fisons/Micromass/Waters organic mass spectrometers including single quads, triple quads and magnetic sectors. With the latest technology available in organic mass spectrometry, we continue to develop alternatives and resources necessary to meet the changing needs of our customers.

  1. Probe Tip
  2. SS Capillary Tube, 185mm
  3. 375um x 75um fused silica tubing
  4. BS011 o ring
  5. OVT-006 AS006 o ring
  6. OVT-012 AS012 o ring
  7. Conductive Sleeve, 8mm
  8. Liner tube, 1/16th x 0.01 x 20mm
  9. Peek Union
  10. BS109 o ring
  11. BS008 o ring
  12. Upchurch Fingertight nut and ferrule
  13. Peek Tube, 1/16th x 0.007 
  14. Graphite/Vespel ferrule, 0.3