Stable Isotope Consulting Services



GB Scientific became renowned for its world-class CSIA (Compound Specific Isotope Analyses) in the oil exploration and research fields. It helped establish methods using GC-C-IRMS instrumentation for C13 analyses in biomarker compounds. It then went on to develop a proprietary data processing technique, using OEM software, that helped identify data patterns never seen before in those biomarker compounds. This work became significant for clients in the energy field around the world and included an international award at a conference in Colombia, South America. The data was presented orally, in scientific posters and publications globally. 




A few years ago separation of almost identical oil sources in the Bakken Oil Field was observed using this processing technique. Scientists and geochemists employed by one of the largest energy companies in the world, who commissioned this work, didn’t believe detecting and processing such small differences was even remotely possible. 

Recently GB Scientific has worked closely with a large client in Russia and helped establish their laboratory for C, H and O analyses using EA and pyro-EA front ends. The EA’s are set up in situ by utilizing a carefully designed-on-site series of valves and switches. This was a unique design based on site-specific criteria and limitations. 

GB Scientific is interested in expanding its scope and international collaborations and welcomes new inquiries. Used equipment is occasionally available or found for client needs.